Trelleborggade, 2150 Nordhavn

Size: 82
Bedrooms: 1
Living rooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Garden : No, but a balcony
Furnished: Yes
Animals: Ask
Available from : As soon as possible:
Rent period : 1 - 24 months
Utilities: Utilities included
Rent : 22.000 DKK

Description (Case number - 1709022):

A New York-inspired apartment centrally situated in Nordhavns new neighborhood. The large window facades combined with the concrete walls really come together in a stylish fashion.

An elevator will take you to the large kitchen-dining area, which with the bathroom placed in a room in the middle, serves as a separation between the bedroom and the kitchen-dining area. There are also built-in sliding doors which let you seal off the bedroom from the living room, if you so choose. The kitchen is architecturally designed and built in concrete and black wooden, which is a running theme throughout the apartment. Everything from wardrobe, storage to laundry facilities are all hidden away behind the closets.

From the kitchen-dining area you’ve got access to a larger balcony, and from here you have a great view of both the new and old Nordhavn

The whole neighborhood is still in its early stages, however, some stores has been established and there are more to come. On the other side of Nordhavn train station you’ll Østerbro which has plenty of options whether you’re looking for grocery stores or other sorts of shopping.

Copenhagen center is only a bike ride away.

For further questions on this property, please call (+45) 7023 7080, or write an e-mail to



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