About Nordic Housing

Nordic Housing is a rental property intermediary based in North Zealand, Denmark. We procure properties through a professional network of partners for both private and professional owners. Nordic Housing will go the extra mile to meet any needs from our clients.

At Nordic Housing, we understand the importance of delivering a professional service throughout the entire rental process. We procure all types of properties from a one-bedroom apartment for a three month period, to luxury villas over a long period of time, both furnished and un-furnished. Furthermore, we offer various services such as full management of the property, garden- and cleaning service and furniture packages. Learn more about our Services here.

Nordic Housing works closely with some of the largest companies in Denmark, and acts as intermediaries between expatriate employees and landlords in Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand.

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Bo Sander

CEO & Founder

Mobile/Direct:  (+45) 2579 8282

E-mail: bs@nordichousing.dk


Bo Sander has worked with rental housing over the last 10 years, and thus has a broad knowledge of the housing market and a solid professional network. Bo Sander founded Nordic Housing with a vision to create the Nordic regions strongest platform for rental housing of the highest quality.

Nore Manou Ravn

Housing Manager

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2577 8097

E-mail: nr@nordichousing.dk

Heidi Rasmussen

Back Office Assistant

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2578 4943

E-mail: hr@nordichousing.dk


Mathilde Hannemann

Partner & Co-Founder

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 7023 7080

E-mail: mh@nordichousing.dk


Mathilde Hannemann, MSc in English & Business Communication, has previously worked with communications and marketing at a strategic level. Mathilde Hannemann co-founded Nordic Housing and functions as Head of Communications and PR.

Camilla Dalskjær

Housing Manager

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2579 7380

E-mail: cd@nordichousing.dk

Kathrine Mosegaard

Back Office Manager

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2579 8383

E-mail: km@nordichousing.dk

Penny Odgaard

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2811 8608

E-mail: po@nordichousing.dk

Maj-Britt Richardt

Service Coordinator

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2646 3717

E-mail: service@nordichousing.dk

Lisbeth Hjort


Mobile/Direct: (+45) 70237080

E-mail: lh@nordichousing.dk

Hedvig Nielsen


Mobile/Direct: (+45) 4275 6238

E-mail: hn@nordichousing.dk

Claus Heide

Building Inspector

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2220 0510

E-mail: service@nordichousing.dk

Palle Helkan

Building Inspector

Mobile/Direct: (+45) 2220 0511

E-mail: service@nordichousing.dk